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April 17, 2020

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Farm Safety Partnership urges caution during COVID-19

The Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) has urged the farming community to exercise extreme care and attention during these very challenging times.

farmingCOVID-19 has created an unprecedented situation for everyone, with severe pressure being placed on our health and emergency services. No-one wants an incident on their farm, but at this point in time the health service cannot cope with any additional strain being put on them, therefore the FSP is asking all farmers and their families to please stop and think SAFE before you do any job. This is especially important considering that children are out and about on our farms now more frequently and with our older family members potentially self-isolating this can put additional strain on families. Farmers are being warned not to take any unnecessary risks at this time when working on your farms.

Farming is a vital part of the structure and economy. Farmers must continue working and producing essential foodstuffs on a daily basis, the FSP recognise this but they are reminding everyone in the community of their commitment to health and safety, and to ensure our farms are safe places to work every day.

Victor Chestnutt, Deputy President of the Ulster Farmers Union (UFU), said: “There is no doubt that our Health Service is under increased pressure at present and is facing challenging times in the days and weeks that lie ahead dealing with patients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, now more than ever it is extremely important that everyone exercises extreme caution when working on farms in order to reduce the likelihood of a serious incident occurring, and this includes children who must be supervised correctly.

“All of our Health Services’ resources and staff will be required in the battle against COVID-19 and we really need to reduce the numbers of people presenting at Hospital Accident and Emergency departments having been involved in an incident on a farm, so please I urge you slow down and exercise extreme caution.”

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