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September 22, 2021

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Return to work

‘8 out of 10 people expect their employer to offer hybrid working’, according to survey

As COVID guidelines are lifted and the nation begins to return to the workplace, a recent survey shows that more than eight out of 10 people are expecting their employer to offer hybrid working.

With regards to workplace productivity, a significant 43% of participants believed productivity would increase, while only 25% felt it would decrease.

The survey, which was carried out and commissioned by Southerns Broadstock, also found that nearly all of those who took part expect their workplace to have sanitising stations and almost one fifth of people are still apprehensive about the return to work, with 40% preferring to continue to work remotely if given the choice.

With regards to capacity in the workplace, nearly half don’t expect to return to a full office, so social distancing can be enforced. But, 70% did say that they feel now is the right time to be returning.

Finally, of those returning to the office, two thirds expect their employers to carry out regular testing in order to keep track of the virus.

When talking about the recent findings from the survey, Ashley Hayward, Managing Director at Southerns Broadstock, said: “The survey has given us some interesting insight into how people feel about returning to the workplace and being in close contact with their colleagues once again.

“One that was of particular interest to us was that a large portion of people don’t expect to return to the office full time, and that reflects what we are saying within the industry as we are experts in the development and provision of hybrid workplaces.

“It was also interesting to hear what people thought about the likely change to productivity and I think this comes down to providing an office space where employees feel comfortable and safe, allowing them to focus 100% on their work, without worrying about external factors.

“Overall I think the survey has reflected what we have seen from society over the past 18 months or so. Not everyone is going to feel the same and navigating the pandemic doesn’t have a one size fits all approach. People are entitled to feel however they like and to act in a way in which gives them peace of mind, and the return to work should be no different.”

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