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September 22, 2008

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Look after lone workers

Chief executive, Steven Gauge said: “We are delighted to launch the Lone Working Solutions directory through the charity website. Over the years we have been approached by many organisations looking for lone-working technology to complement their personal-safety policies.

“Now they can find these companies easily through our site, putting all lone-working solutions, both training and technological assistance, in one location.”

The Trust stressed that it is not endorsing any particular system and reminds organisations that technology should be used as part of a personal-safety policy, not instead of one. It also emphasised the importance of ensuring that staff are also trained in how to defuse or exit a difficult situation themselves, rather than relying on technology.

The directory can be viewed at the link below.

A guide to home working

This hub has been put together by SHP, Barbour EHS and The Healthy Work Company to provide research, case studies, videos and resources to enable you to lead this transition in a way which safeguards the wellbeing of your teams and maximises the opportunity to embrace new ways of working for the future.

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