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June 8, 2015

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Lone working and the law – Safety & Health Expo preview

Lone working is becoming ubiquitous. As organisations change the way they work and the way they deliver services, more and more people are becoming lone workers.  

Sadly, some organisations are failing to manage the risks associated with this way of working.  They fail to conduct suitable and sufficient assessments of risk and fail to record significant findings.

We know that lone workers face risks that are different from those faced by people who work as part of a team.  Organisations need to adopt a simple, pragmatic approach to manning these risks.

At my talk at the Safety & Health Expo, I will be exploring the whys and wherefores of lone working from a legal perspective. What does the law actually say and how is it interpreted?  What is different about lone worker risk and what steps should organisations take to managing these risks?

I will draw on my experience in providing advice to large organisations on lone worker issues as well as the cases I have advised on involving lone workers. I hope to inspire people to act on the basis of knowledge to improve the way in which lone worker risk is managed.  

I like interactive and lively sessions so come with problems and challenges and I will do my best to respond.

Nigel Heaton, director, Human Applications

Nigel will be talking in the Lone Working Arena at the Safety & Health Expo on the 16th June from 13.45 – 13.45.

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