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November 5, 2003

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It’s welcome to the real world for lone workers

THE HSE has launched a series of real-life case studies that aim to give practical and cost-effective help to employers to reduce the risk of violence to their lone or mobile workers. It is hoped they will help reduce the 1.3 million violent attacks on wo

Chris Rowe, from the HSE Psychosocial Unit, said: “Encountering drug and alcohol use, working in certain geographical locations, and working late at night or early in the morning are among the key risks identified in becoming a victim of workplace violence.”

But ordinary measures, such as giving staff mobile phones and panic alarms, keeping tabs on their movements and sending them out in pairs can all help lessen the possibility of violent attacks.

The case studies focus on: retail; health and care workers; security; public transport; financial services; and the self-employed.

HSC chair Bill Callaghan commented: “These case studies clearly demonstrate that the most successful solutions usually arise from the way the business is run. High technology and high-cost security equipment will normally only be needed where there is a particularly high risk of violence.”

A free guidance leaflet: Violence at work, a guide for employers can be found on the HSE website at:

Connect 2021 – Workplace Wellbeing Conference

As part of our online event Connect 2021, running from 1-30 June, the Workplace Wellbeing Conference will feature three, full days of in-depth presentations, panels & interviews with leading experts in workplace wellbeing. The conference is designed for anyone involved in wellbeing initiatives within their organisation as well as anyone looking to support their own wellbeing or the wellbeing of others.

Speakers include former No. 10 director of communications and strategy Alastair Campbell; astronaut Major Tim Peake; Mind CEO Paul Farmer; Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams; award-winning campaigner Tom Dunning; HSE Principal Human Factors Specialist Phoebe Smith; and many more.

Tickets to the conference are £120 + VAT, with 20% of the ticket price  donated to conference charity partner, Mind.

The conference takes place from 1-3 June 2021.

Alastair Campbell
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