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July 11, 2022

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LEAP Scheme recognised and supported by the HSE

Leisure Equipment Asset Protection Scheme has confirmed that it has been recognised and supported by HSE, in the same way as other HSE-identified schemes detailed within HSG 175.

LEAPS, is a new venture which ensures that the engineering used day-in and day out for fun and play is safe and reliable. In May, SHP spoke to LEAPS General Manager, Jon Ruddock about the new scheme.

As a minimum LEAPS follows the System for Safety of Attractions but the scheme aims to go well beyond this by certifying operators of leisure equipment, the way their equipment is maintained as well as proving the competence of a LEAPS Inspection Body. Known as the LEAPS 3-star approach you can take comfort that this innovative scheme takes safety well beyond other schemes.

Melvin Sandell

When the next iteration of HSG175 is released, LEAPS is confident that we will be written into the guidance.

Melvin Sandell, LEAPS Founder and Senior Consultant and Expert Witness at Finch Consulting, told SHP: “HSE’s recognition of the ability of the people and systems in the LEAP Scheme so early in its life is great news and a credit to the work Jon Ruddock, the GM has put into it since he took over.

“HSE now accepts that the 4 supported leisure certification schemes are equal, but some are clearly more equal than others!”

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