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May 22, 2019

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vehicle crash protection

Keeping retail and food outlets safe with external vehicle crash protection

In order to prevent vehicles crashing through the front of retail or office space windows, protection specialist McCue looks into the causes of such incidents and provides a solution to keep workers and property safe.

CrashCore BollardAccording to data from the Storefront Safety Council, 17% of storefront crashes were caused by driving under influence, while a remarkable 56% of all crashes were caused by operator or pedal error.

McCue examined current protection in some key heavy traffic areas, where likelihood of driver or vehicle error is increased, and found that much of the current protection around storefronts, petrol stations and outdoor dining areas in retail parks, would be insufficient to stop a 5,000lb vehicle moving at 20mph.

Designed and tested to repel 30mph vehicles (to F3016 rating), McCue’s R&D team has developed the CrashCore Bollard. A shock-absorbing core keeps drivers safer, while a solid steel core, steel shell and synthetic rubber dampers work together to absorb energy. This is all designed an underground footprint, meaning small contractors are able to install them.

Nilesh Mistry, Director of Sales at McCue said: “The CrashCore Bollard is a solution to a growing problem. We’re proud to be able to deliver a product that can at last protect petrol station forecourts, retail fronts, car charging areas and more from driver or mechanical failure, as well as from reckless driving.”

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