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October 13, 2010

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New legislation introduces EU obligations for chemicals

The Minister for Labour Affairs in Ireland has announced the publication of the Chemicals (Amendment) Bill 2010, which requires manufacturers and importers to notify the European Chemicals Agency about the classification of all hazardous substances that they possess.

Minister Dara Calleary revealed that the main purpose of the Bill is to enforce EU regulations in the chemicals sector. These include:

  • EU regulation on the classification, labelling, and packaging (CLP) of substances and mixtures;
  • a replacement EU Regulation on the Export and Import of Dangerous Chemicals implementing the Rotterdam Convention; and
  • periodic technical amendments to these and to the EU REACH and Detergents Regulations.

The changes will harmonise the criteria for classifying substances and mixtures as hazardous, and the rules on labelling and packaging. Minister Calleary said: “If you are a manufacturer or importer, you must notify the European Chemicals Agency of the classification of all hazardous substances that you place on the market, within one month of placing them on the market.

“That applies from 1 December 2010, which means that all such substances, whether on their own, or contained in hazardous mixture above certain applicable concentration limits, and regardless of the annual tonnage manufactured or imported, must be notified.

“It is very important for our industry to meet the CLP notification deadline. The European Chemicals Agency will maintain an inventory of all notified classifications and this inventory is one of the cornerstones of CLP.”

To view the Bill on the Oireachtas website click here.

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13 years ago

The Irish Bill does not require the notification for the CLI, this is in the directly acting CLP Regulation. The Bills will deal with enforcement of this CLP requirement.

Also how can Minister Dara Calleary dare to say ““It is very important for our industry to meet the CLP notification deadline.” when the Irish Government is clearly late in getting the enforcement provisions onto the statute book.