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July 7, 2008

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NASC hopes guidance will ease scaffolding challenges

The NASC’s original Technical Guidance Note, TG20:05, was written to conform to BS EN 12811-1. However, as this standard is better suited to cater for prefabricated system scaffolding, compliance with it posed major technical, safety and managerial challenges for the erection and modification of scaffolds using traditional tube and fitting.

The practical limitations of both the European Standard and TG20:05 have meant that neither document has been fully embraced by the scaffolding industry. The NASC expects the revised guidance, TG20:08 – due to be published later this year – will resolve many of these difficulties.

The guidance is divided into two volumes. The first volume provides practical advice, information and conditions for basic scaffolds that can be built, without calculation, across the UK. Volume Two provides technical information and advice required for the design of scaffold arrangements generally outside the range of Volume One.

The main changes for the scaffolder are:

• An altered process of ‘justifying’ the design, rather than the scaffold structure;

• Façade/sway bracing every six bays;

• Larger variety of platform and inside board arrangements;

• The maximum height for some sheeted scaffolds are well above those in the previous standard, BS5973;

• Inclusion of debris netted scaffolds; and

• Provision of guidance on putlog scaffolds; and

• Coverage is now across the whole of the UK, rather than just England and Wales.

All subscribers of TG20:05 will receive a copy of the new guidance free of charge.

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