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February 24, 2015

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Stepping up: IOSH conference speaker Dr John Izzo

To all of the registrants of the IOSH conference,

I am so looking forward to the upcoming conference in London, UK in June 2015.

I am a speaker, author, corporate trainer, and leadership coach and I have worked with over 600 organisations all over the world. The particular topic of my talk will be based on my book, Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything, and is a talk I have done with various industries, countries, leaders, frontline employees, and everyone in between. But I cannot think of an industry where the Stepping Up concept and message of accountability could be a better fit. There is no other industry where being responsible for your tasks and part of the company is more imperative than the occupational health and safety industry. I am excited to share my Stepping Up talk with you, and helping you to explore how you can be the champions of success and effectiveness in your industry.

We define Stepping Up as “seeing a need and deciding you are the right person to do something about it.” In the book, I guide individuals and leaders to step up, and be the agent of change in their workplace & in their personal life, by providing guidelines, tips and steps to becoming accountable to yourself and others. I will be sharing these with you and telling stories that exemplify these concepts that will help you and your teams become more effective in your workplace.

We can think about stepping up as six key steps and three key concepts:

The first concept is called “Own Your Part” and is about how each of us can take ownership and responsibility for our part.

The steps within this concept are:

  1. To decide how you show up
  2. To focus on what you can do

The second concept is called “Initiate the Responsibility Ripple” which shows how each person can create a ripple of (positive) change within and beyond their team through their personal action.

The steps within this concept are:

  1. Do something, do anything!
  2. Speak up, listen in

The final concept is called “Collaborate for Success” and is about how each of us can “put the goal” first by focusing on the bigger picture rather than just our role and how leaders can create a climate for stepping up.

The steps within this concept are:

  1. Create an ownership culture
  2. Put the goal first

This session will both inspire and challenge while offering some practical ways for you to practice 100 per cent responsibility and foster it in your workplace. I look forward to diving into these concepts with you and working with you to inspire positive change and effectiveness in your workplaces.

Keep on leading in work and in life.

Dr John Izzo is a leadership expert and adviser. Find out more at

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