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August 22, 2007

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Giving change a chance

Shake off your fears of change, and learn how you can embrace a new way of doing things at our training roadshows.

The guest speaker this year, Martin Goodyer, is an acclaimed ‘life coach’, who’s been helping people let go of their fears and adapt to change for 25 years.

“We learn more by having fun. If you’re feeling bad, or fed up, then it doesn’t matter how good the training or information you’re giving is, people won’t take it in. As trainers, you want the best results, but you have to know how to get that.”

Martin will explain how, by understanding people’s emotions, you can make your training more effective. He’ll take you through the different types of people you’ll come across, from hard-nosed and ambitious executives, conclusion-jumping ‘psychopaths’, the ‘far-too-busy’ brigade, and the ‘dementors’ who are constantly negative.

He’ll provide you with tactics to deal with each one, ensuring that they get something out of your training, and helping all those that want to learn, get maximum benefit too.

“You’ll always find some people have been on lots of health and safety training courses before, and they’ve been bored out of their mind and are determined to hate your course too. You have to turn that around — if you make it interesting, you’ll capture their attention.”

As Martin points out, by embracing new techniques as a trainer, and committing to making it interesting, both trainer and attendee can benefit: “If you carry on doing the same old things, you’ll get the same old results. When you’ve taught them something new, you want them to think about how to apply it to a real-life situation.”

That means ensuring that what you are teaching them is as simple as possible because, if they get back to their workplace “and their friends think they’ve had a brain transplant, then they’ll soon switch back”, and that’s not what good training is about.

“Change can be embraced, and it can be exciting. You can switch fear of change into something exciting. It takes a lot to stand there and deliver training, but you need to think all the time about how you can make it even better or sharper. Remember, you’re teaching people to feel differently about health and safety issues. By encouraging and interesting people on your course, you’ll get better results.”

Don’t miss your chance to get on the road

Time is fast running out for you to book your place at one of the roadshows, which take place this year at:

– The Village Hotel and Leisure Centre, Cardiff on 18 September;

– The Solent Hotel, Fareham, on 19 September;

– Huntingdon Marriott, Cambridgeshire on 20 September;

– Airth Castle Hotel and Spa Resort, Falkirk on 25 September;

– Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa, Leeds on 27 and 28 September.

Book your place, priced £80 + VAT, by calling Lynn Austin on 0116 257 3186.

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