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November 29, 2006

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Christmas cheer, look what’s here

The view of health and safety training courses as ‘boring’ and ‘confusing’ is changing for good with the release of IOSH’s new Managing safely course later this month.

The new, jargon-free course will be ready by 15 December, and includes a range of tools, quizzes, games and animated sequences that will make managers from all sectors look forward to doing health and safety training.

“Managing safely is not about turning delegates into safety experts,” says IOSH’s director of commercial affairs, Caroline Holden: “The course is about involving delegates, getting them thinking and trying out different techniques in their own workplaces.”

Trainers and delegates have been impressed so far. Mick Burridge, from St John Ambulance, said: “I genuinely believe that IOSH is heading in the right direction. The new Managing safely course follows the same thought pattern as Working safely in that has a more modern approach to delivering health and safety training.”

Clive Ormerod, from OMS, added: “The course is a definite winner and will be well received by trainers and students.” Delegates also like the new package, calling it “extremely user-friendly”.

Modules covered include:

– introducing managing safely;

– assessing risks;

– controlling risks;

– understanding your responsibilities;

– identifying hazards;

– investigating accidents and incidents;

– measuring performance;

– protecting our environment.

Delegates on the course receive a pack, which contains:

– the full PowerPoint presentation featuring state-of-the-art animation;

– a delegate workbook with sections for notes and question and answer sessions;

– a user friendly set of trainer notes;

– a risk assessment board game;

– two DVDs;

– a bank of assessments using multi-format questions and a risk assessment project.

Caroline added: “The project team have worked with trainers and delegates throughout the re-development process to make sure that we’ve created a training package that is the standard others will be judged by. Going on the response we’ve received so far from trainers and delegates, I’d say we’ve achieved that.”

Try Managing safely by visiting or call the training team on 0116 257 3165 for more information, to book a free demonstration, or to order your pack.

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