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August 17, 2012

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Landlord’s gas-boiler neglect put family in danger

A landlord has received a suspended prison sentence after a family suffered carbon-monoxide poisoning at a flat in Lewisham, South London.

Gail Calvert, her partner Stephen Clayden, and her eight-year-old daughter inhaled large quantities of the potentially lethal gas inside the ground-floor flat they rented in Iona Close, Catford.€

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9 years ago

Yea,yea, yea, a new boiler had been fitted no previous etc, etc – the usual story to reduce the fine/sentence, but well done whomever it was that decided that the punishment should fit the crime and told the magistrates what sentence to pass.
Oh! and what kind of personal tragedy must it be for someone to be told that just because the boiler hadn’t been serviced, their loved ones were killed by CO poisoning, ?

9 years ago

More than two years overdue…that is some tragedy. (sorry!). As there is a legal requirement for an annual check, which most landlords are not allowed to do themselves, and likley that he has more than one property one might expect a framework service contract with a GasSafe company. So how many other properties have gone unchecked I wonder.