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April 22, 2013

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Builders pouring concrete had no water for washing

A builder from Cornwall who neglected the welfare of his workers to such an extent that he did not even provide them basic facilities, such as water to drink or wash in, has appeared in court.

Bodmin magistrates heard on 17 April that David Lawrance, a partner for Swiftfix Reinforcement Specialists, failed to provide adequate washing facilities and rest areas at a construction site in Carbis Bay, West Cornwall where a new home was being built between May and July last year.
An HSE inspector visited the site and found there was neither hot nor cold running water, nor even a basin in which to wash — even though the workers had been pouring concrete. There was also no suitable drinking water available to the workers, who had to make do with a hose running from a neighbouring property into a plastic container.

The inspector also found that there was no adequate area for resting, drying clothes or eating. Although there was a small portable office with enough room for three chairs, there were eight workmen on site, plus the office had no electricity supply.

Although an Improvement Notice was served requiring the builder to offer his workers better conditions, a follow-up HSE inspection revealed that nothing had changed.

David Lawrance, of Rosudgeon, near Penzance, pleaded guilty to breaching reg.13(7) of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 by failing to provide suitable welfare facilities, such as sanitary conveniences, washing facilities, drinking water, changing rooms and lockers, and facilities for rest. He was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £2141.

HSE inspector Barry Trudgian commented: “The need to provide running water for washing hands and arms is not a trivial matter on a building site.

“The workmen were pouring concrete and, when splashed on the skin, this can lead to dermatitis if it is not washed off. Apart from being an unpleasant condition, in some cases it can lead to the loss of use of fingers and hands.

“Site contractors and supervisors like David Lawrance, who are responsible for the work of employees or sub-contractors, have a legal duty to ensure that adequate facilities are in place for the welfare of the workforce from the very start to the completion of construction work.”

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11 years ago

I would guess that David Lawrence had all the comforts of home in his office. running water, electricity etc. It is just another example of the bosses not giving any thought to the welfare of their employees. Sadly this is now all too common. Shame on you Mr.Lawrence

6 years ago

actually i was not the main contractor on the site and was stitched up by the main contractor any how that was in the past my email is asking this to be taken off the website as the conviction as been served could shp confirm that they willbe taking this of there website ?

6 years ago

please can SHP contact me as you have my email address to confirm you willbe taking this of your website