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February 16, 2018

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Uber announces raft of driver and user safety changes

Uber has introduced new safety rules for drivers and passengers a day after Transport for London announced plans for new controls on private hire firms.

The firm will now force drivers to only be able to work on a 10 hour ‘trip’ before the app will prompt drivers to take a 6 hour break from work.

It will also share the private hire licence number and licensing authority details within the app alongside the name, photo, rating, registration and model of the vehicle.

Lone working

The service also said that it will pass police information about serious incidents reported to the firm from riders – and that it will also report to the police any incident where a driver may have been a victim.

The issue of reporting of serious crime was one of the major reasons that Transport for London refused to offer the ride sharing app with a new licence last year.

The statement said: “This policy has already gone live in London with the Metropolitan Police and we plan to roll it out across the UK after discussions with other police forces.”

“Whether you’re a passenger, pedestrian or driving your own car, road safety matters. That’s why we’re limiting the number of hours that drivers can be on the road without time offline.

“After 10-hours ‘on trip’, the app now prompts drivers to take 6-hours away from the app, to help ensure they’re refreshed and alert when they next log on.”


The on-going legal battle with TfL around the app’s licence in London will return to the courts in June when the appeal is heard.

Speaking about the latest safety changes, Tom Elvirdge, general manager of Uber UK, said: “After listening to feedback from drivers, riders, local regulators and the police we’re introducing a number of new features and changes to enhance driver and passenger safety.

“We’re determined to change the way we do business, so we’ll carry on listening and plan to make other improvements over the coming months.”


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Scott Maitland
Scott Maitland

Too little, too late.
“After 10-hours ‘on trip’, the app now prompts drivers to take 6-hours away from the app, to help ensure they’re refreshed and alert when they next log on.”
They are suggesting that after a 10 hour shift, driving in often stressful traffic levels and situations, that a 6 hour break, including traveling home,taking a meal at least, that they are fit to work again? Possibly after 4 or 5 hours sleep?
Then off to do another 10 hours?
This just smacks off a knee jerk reaction trying to keep their permits to work.