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December 30, 2020

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Fire safety

IFSEC Global’s 2020 most read in fire safety

2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least, but this has not stopped fire safety professionals performing key work to ensure buildings and occupants are as safe from fire risks as possible. While the Grenfell Tower Inquiry continues to reveal troubling findings in the culture of construction, several new legislative documents are in the process of being introduced, which the Government believes will result in “the biggest changes to building safety in a generation”.

Much more has happened besides, but here we reveal the stories that caught the eye of the readers of our sister site, IFSEC Global, throughout the year.

 1.What does coronavirus mean for the fire safety sector?

firefighterHunter Seymour explores how the fire safety sector, from firefighters to facility management professionals, reacted to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

2. A guide to firestopping: Getting it right for the future

In the second in a series of three articles, Simon Ince of UL examined what must be done to get firestopping right in new buildings. He offers a step-by-step analysis of the processes that need to be in place and the professionals who need to verify that firestopping is fit for purpose.

 3. Fire safety professionals and ‘critical worker’ status

Throughout March and April, we provided updates from the FIA and the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) on the latest regarding fire safety personnel and ‘critical worker’ status. The industry worked quickly and decisively to ensure professionals were given the permission to carry on life-saving work throughout the pandemic.

 4. Post-Grenfell regulation aims to transform fire safety in buildings

Nearly three years after the devastating Grenfell Tower fire, the Government has published its proposals for what it calls “the biggest change in building safety for a generation”. Ron Alalouff highlights the main features of the wide-ranging provisions.

 5. Fire Safety Bill announced by UK Government

On 19 March 2020, The Home Office introduced the new Fire Safety Bill, in an effort to improve fire safety in buildings in England and Wales. The Bill has recently passed through the House of Lords legislative process, with three amendments tabled as a result. Find out all the latest in our article on the bill.

Most read downloads

Fire Protection Strategy: A Barbour Director’s Briefing

WATCH: FIREX Digital Week ‘Life after Grenfell’ webinar

The future of fire safety eBook

This article was originally published on IFSEC Global.

Barbour Download: A Technical Guide to Sprinkler Systems

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