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March 21, 2022

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Fire services across UK donate kit and equipment to support Ukrainian firefighters

Fire services across the UK are donating thousands of items of kit and equipment to support firefighters on the frontline in Ukraine.

UK charity, FIRE AID and International Development (FIRE AID), and the National Fire Chief’s Council (NFCC) are managing donations of more than 5,000 items of fire and rescue equipment and PPE which will be sent to Ukraine.

Fire engines, thermal imaging cameras for finding victims, generators, lighting, hoses, rescue equipment, and thousands of sets of PPE are among the items being donated. Every fire service across the UK is contributing to the efforts.

The distribution of these donations is being supported by funding from the Home Office, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, and the FIA Foundation, as well as through a public appeal via JustGiving.

Following a successful visit to Poland by FIRE AID volunteers, a group of three engines and a lorry of PPE and rescue equipment departed the UK on Friday 11 March, led by the Scottish Emergency Rescue Association (SERA).

FIRE AID is currently coordinating a subsequent departure, consisting of 15 fire engines and two lorries of equipment, donated by fire services across the UK, which departed on 19 March. 40 UK firefighters will join volunteers as part of the team driving the vehicles across Europe, where it will be received by the Polish State Fire Service and transferred to Ukraine.

Equipment being sent includes:

  • 15 fire engines
  • 1 Incident Response Unit loaded with PPE
  • Special rescue vehicles with sets of rescue equipment
  • Generators of various powers
  • 300 fire hoses
  • Floating grids
  • 4000 items of PPE
  • Compressed air BA
  • Acid proof chemical suits

Once in Ukraine, the equipment will be used to support firefighters, emergency services and volunteers who are battling together on the front line.

Claire Hoyland, Project Manager, FIRE AID, commented: “Following the invasion of Ukraine, our members immediately mobilised to gather equipment and aid to donate to their Ukrainian counterparts. FIRE AID members have been working in partnership with the Ukrainian emergency services since 2012, and we are proud to be coordinating this unprecedented emergency response on behalf of the UK Fire Sector.”

Ian Moore, Chief Executive, Fire Industry Association, said: “The whole of the Fire Industry has come together to support the UK deployment of aid through Fire Aid, our charity partner. It has been both an honour and humbling experience to be part of a truly collaborative humanitarian response from the UK.”

Home Secretary, Priti Patel, added: “The British Government and British people are standing shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine and its citizens during this barbaric invasion.

“We are helping to ensure that crucial fire and rescue equipment and PPE donated by Fire and Rescue Services will get to where it can directly provide succour to those brave firefighters, emergency services and volunteers on the front line in Ukraine.”

Chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council, Mark Hardingham, concluded: “As the terrible scenes unfold in Ukraine, the UK fire and rescue service is once again doing all it can to support those who urgently need help.

“The response has been incredible, and it is testament to the public, private and voluntary sectors combining resources, enthusiasm and skills in response to the crisis.

“I cannot express how proud I am of everyone who has come together to support this; from getting the equipment together, the hard work which has gone into ensuring the logistics of one of the largest convoys we have seen, to volunteering to be part of the journey itself. This is our sector at its very bet – selflessly working together and supporting one another – ultimately helping and hoping to save lives.”

The wider fire sector – including the MSA Safety, Fire Sector Federation (FSF), the Fire and Rescue Suppliers [FIRESA] Council and the Fire Industry Association (FIA) – are also key partners in supporting and making the deployment.

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