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Ian joined UBM in 2018 as the Online Editor of Safety & Health Practitioner. Ian studied journalism at university before spending seven years in online fantasy gaming.

Prior to moving to UBM, Ian worked in business to business trade print media, in the automotive sector. He was Online Editor and then moved on to be the Editor of two publications aimed at independent automotive technicians and parts distributors.

May 17, 2018

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Hackitt Report

Should Dame Hackitt have recommended a ban on combustible cladding?

Government announces it will consult on banning combustible cladding after Dame Judith Hackitt stopped short of recommending an explicit ban in her report into the Grenfell Tower fire last June.

Should Dame Hackitt have recommended a ban? Within hours of the report being release, the Government announced it would consult on the matter. Housing Secretary James Brokenshire announced the plan “having listened carefully” to others on the issue.


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If she had of the government would have ignored it anyway! There are too many buildings already built with this stuff to now say it is banned, it would highlight how out of date the regs are, and they don’t want that. They are only announcing a consultation because of public pressure and to be seen to be doing something at this sensitive time. I seem to remember Mr Phillip Hammond stating “the cladding is illegal” just days after the disaster! I think Dame Hackett has done a good job of highlighting the “cosy club” that exists in the industry… Read more »

Ian Malone
Ian Malone

So what is cladding ? Is it just the parts that regulators test or does it include the timber used to hold it to the main structure.
Adding flame retardants to materials will allow them to beat standards written by experts. It would be easier to just make accountable those that agree to standards.
Most buildings built before the 20th century would not pass regulations, its cost cutting that causes the issues and profiteering that produces the market with politicians earning money from buy to let, controlling legislation

David Fagan
David Fagan

A whitewash! Shocking conclusions. Of course flammable cladding on residential buildings should be banned, and immediately!

B Macier
B Macier

Yes ban completely combustible cladding!
Then you end up with only concrete, bricks and mineral-based only materials to provide cladding.
Until in a couple of years a brilliant idiot reinstates a derived product from asbestos cement as a suitable material in recycling asbestos containing materials and consequently creating a new health and safety issue.
People never learn.

Ken McLarney CMIOSH
Ken McLarney CMIOSH

Has a Chartered Professional HSE Consultant I believe the HSE have missed a chance in regards to the Grenville tragedy, the root cause of this tradgey was the start of the fire from the electrics of the fridge, this went o. Fire, what reaction seemed to be was doors left open etc the fire not contained , allowing it to spread to the cladding, many many places industry and accommodation DO NOT looked after electrical devices ( keeping them clean etc ) and also not educated enough to keep doors closed in case of fire spread,