May 31, 2016

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Quiz: facilities and health & safety

  • Slide1 Facilities management is an interdisciplinary field primarily devoted to the maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings, such as offices, hospitals, hotels, resorts, schools, and so on. Duties are wide ranging and may include the care of air conditioning, heating, lighting, and ventilation, utilities, relocation of staff, building refurbishment, and security to name a few. This quiz is based on information that can be found in the Barbour Resources section of the Barbour Estates & Facilities Management Service. By answering the questions below, practitioners can award themselves CPD credits. One, two or three credits can be awarded, depending on what has been learnt – exactly how many you award yourself is up to you, once you have reflected and taken part in the quiz. Please note:  There may be more than one correct answer to a question, and further reading may be required to correctly answer the questions.  




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Debbie Shaw
Debbie Shaw
4 years ago

Unable to see form to complete to down load this article, no form to the right as suggested

4 years ago

That was really interested, thanks for the quiz. I wish I can get chance to have it every time.

mark Maguire-Ware
mark Maguire-Ware
4 years ago

Very good quiz, got up this morning and was checking out the web site whilst having a coffee, thought I would just try the quiz. Glad I did.

Antony Strudwick
Antony Strudwick
3 years ago

I believe I got 6 out of 8 but the computer seems to think I did 23 questions. Other than that I found the quiz interesting.