Facilities Management

Facilities management is one of the many roles that health and safety managers often have to take on at work.

This is because in an ever-changing world, the role of a health and safety practitioner has evolved to incorporate things like wellbeing, sustainability, security, risk and assurance and facilities.

Facilities managers are responsible for the management of buildings and services – which often can tie in to the health, wellbeing and safety of employees.

Even if facilities doesn’t fall under your remit as a health and safety practitioner, being aware and informed of the latest changes and ideas within the facilities management profession will be beneficial to the way you work as a health and safety practitioner.

Breakout-space2-1f9b15d44ca180a63c6830e67c651092-800x350-60-cropThree pillars of a truly smart building

Rajeev Kak explains how innovation is changing our lives in every possible way, and the challenge for facilities professionals now is to brig the elements of communication, technology, security and safety together to create an environment that is safe, secure, productive and comfortable.

Read his article on how smart buildings are the future and the evolving role of technology.

Wembley_Stadium,_illuminatedHealth, safety and facilities: catering for Wembley Stadium

SHP editor, Roz Sanderson, interviews Bhaven Pandya, the health safety and facilities manager for Delaware North at Wembley Stadium. He explains how facilities fits into his role as a health and safety professional, the challenges of working for such an iconic building and how event days differ to normal ones.

 group-42917_960_720Health and safety and the FM Professional

Paul King, director at Charlton Ross, asks the question: “Is managing health and safety a fundamental part of FM or is an HR role?”

He explains how facilities managers and facilities departments are often also seen as the health and safety department, or at least the custodian of health and safety for an organisation.

He says companies often cite the mantra that “employees are our most valuable asset” – so why doesn’t health and safety sit under HR? He asks.

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