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March 24, 2017

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Infographic: how your employees are like athletes

A new white paper has been released comparing insights taken from professional athletes, to regular workers.

The paper focuses on practical ways in which organisations have achieved results in a similar way to athletes, spending years dedicated to improving, so workers can excel at important times.

This white paper focuses on a number of key points such as, recovery and saving time. Athletes need recovery in order to reach peak performance and the same can be applied to other employees. With workers facing more tasks each day, alongside raised problem solving and creative tasks, recovery has never been so vital. Research shows that without recovery times, workers attention can fade and more accidents occur.

The infographic and PDF accompanying it also focus on Visual Display Units and how ergonomic working can help save time.

The number of hours an office employee spends at a screen has increased dramatically in recent years, but whether it’s a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, employees need to be able to access these devices easily and comfortably.



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