Compensation claims and strains – is AI the solution?

Gareth Buchanan COO at Soter Analytics suggests Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be the answer to the UK's workplace injury crisis. Read More

AI in action: Reshaping ergonomic safety strategies in the automotive industry

A new use-case suggests AI could have a significant impact on workplace ergonomics in vehicle manufacturing. Matthew Hart at Soter Analytics explains more. Read More

L’Oréal case study: From Manchester to Mumbai – the fundamental controls

In the first of three exclusive articles for SHPonline examining the components of L’Oréal’s award-winning health and safety system, we look at the fundamental controls mandated for the company’s sites around the world. Read More

Managing DSE remotely and trends in health problems post pandemic

SHP hears from Adam Clarke at Praxis42 on display screen equipment (DSE), possible health issues from the increase in remote working and steps for organisations to avoid this. Read More

How safety wearables are changing injury prevention

Training employees about safety in ergonomics and movement can be challenging, even before considering the turnover rate. Participating in a course, having onsite reviews or regular check-ins can help, but much like ‘teaching a man to fish,’ how can proper behavior and activity become normalised? Read More

Extra time? Managing an aging workforce

Approximately one-third of the UK workforce is over the age of 50, pushing the average retirement age beyond 65. Former HSE Employment Medical Adviser and Consultant Physician, Dr Chris Ide, lays out some of the key physiological issues for employers to be aware of in an aging workforce. Read More

Slips, trips and falls – emerging issues and methods of prevention

A recent SHP webinar around the issue of slips, trips and falls (STF) threw up a host of questions from our audience. Here, the panellists from the event respond to those queries we couldn't tackle on the day. Read More

Webinar: How to protect all staff in a world of hybrid working – Going deeper…

The recent SHP webinar on the challenges around hybrid working, unsurprisingly, threw up a host of questions from our audience. Read More

New safety-focused angle grinder launched at Safety & Health Expo

FEIN unveiled a new high-safety angle grinder at this year’s Safety & Health Expo, designed to 'reduce accidents in the construction sector'. SHP reports on the launch... Read More

Lighten the load

A dedicated focus on preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is driving changes that can be applied not just in the workplace, but also at home. Read More

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