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November 15, 2018

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‘Right to roam’ in office makes for more productive workforce

Being able to both sit and stand in the office can create a happier, more productive workforce, according to a new study.

The study was carried out last month by the Human Brain Research department at University College London, on behalf of Posturite, the UK’s largest ergonomics company.

It involved a group of office-based workers in London – who typically spend all day at a traditional static workstation – having access to the Opløft sit-stand desk, which provides flexibility of movement within the workplace.

The results revealed that using portable sit-stand desks enhance productivity on a number of levels.

“Our research revealed that workers using Opløft were twice as competent in their decision-making skills and their language-based problem skills also improved by 64%,” said Lead Researcher and Professor of Human Brain Research, Vincent Walsh.

“They also completed tasks measuring concentration and vigilance 10% faster and made 45% fewer mistakes. Their creativity also improved by 28%.”

Professor Walsh selected a group of tests that capture the psychological elements of a working day.

The office workers using the Opløft platform showcased a better ability to deal with clutter and distractions, whilst also performing at a greater speed.

According to the study, they completed tasks 10% faster after trialling Opløft and made 45% fewer mistakes.

Opløft users also scored 28% higher in a creative thinking test.

The Opløft sit-stand platform can be placed onto an existing flat surface and easily adjusted with the computer or work items in situ to secure the required sit or stand height.

“The days of sitting at one desk all day are long gone,” said Posturite’s chief executive, Ian Fletcher-Price

“With Opløft we no longer need to be slaves to our desks because it goes where we go. Agile working gives us the freedom to choose how and where we do our work, Opløft gives us the practical means to achieve that.”

Chartered Physiotherapist, Ergonomist and Lead Consultant Katharine Metters, commented: “This new research shows that enabling your workforce to decide what work to do, where, and when – with maximum flexibility, promoting movement and good postures, produces a significantly happier, healthier and ultimately a more productive workforce.”

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5 years ago

The issue I have found with these types of ‘on desk’ sit-stand units is the thickness when down and flat on the desk. That extra height difference when seated makes many of these unworkable.This is one of the best designs I have seen – not tried – although it still adds over an inch. Probably manageable, and the portability looks brill. Just wish I had the money!