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Dr Tim Marsh PhD, MSc, CFIOSH, CPsychol, SFIIRSM is MD of Anker and Marsh. Visiting Professor at Plymouth University he is considered a world authority on the subject of behavioural safety, safety leadership and organisational culture.As well as many of the world's most recognisable industrial names Tim has worked with diverse organisations such as the European Space Agency, the BBC, Sky TV, the RNLI and the National Theatre in his 25 year plus consultancy career.He has key noted and chaired dozens of conferences around the world including the closing key note at the Campbell Institutes inaugural International Thoughts Leaders event in 2014. He has written several best-selling books including Affective Safety Management, Talking Safety, Total Safety Culture, the Definitive Guide to Behavioural Safety and Organised Wellbeing. Previously he led Manchester Universities ground-breaking research team into behavioural safety methodologies in the 1990s.
January 1, 2021

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Health and safety… differently

In 2021, long-time SHP contributor Tim Marsh began writing a monthly blog series. Here, we compile all of his short, thought-provoking pieces in one place. Plus, provide a link to all of Tim’s other historical content…

‘But… What do we do about the dimwits?’dunce / Jim West / Alamy Stock Photo

In his latest blog, Tim Marsh discusses our collective approach to risk…





‘Downfall – The Case Against Boeing’

Boeing 737Tim discusses the $2.5 billion dollar fine and the last word in safety culture case studies…





You have to ask yourself… ‘Do you feel lucky?… Well, do you!?’

snookerTim discusses the nature of luck and why individuals and organisations need to pro-actively and systemically work to maximise the chances of enjoying a fair share regarding the human factor.




Why a good ‘walk and talk’ is so effective – The unseen self-fulfilling physiological science

Why a good Walk and Talk is so effectiveTim attempts to simplify the ‘hidden’ physiological science behind the effectiveness of a walk and talk, as we know that everyone likes to understand why things work well even when they long ago accepted that, clearly, they do so.




james bond

No Time to Die… or ‘The name’s Anker… Jason Anker’

Tim talks about what James Bond has in common with safety professionals and how safety leadership needs to have substance.




Build it with flowers…flower bouquet

Tim describes a recent case study of his, that provided an outlook on how managers treat their staff.




Instinct, analysis, ‘coupling’ and ElvisTim Marsh

Tim describes how the ‘coupling’ concept can help organisations minimise the amount of knee jerk blame that can impact on a company’s culture.




camera‘How much film you got in that bloody camera?’

Tim describes a simple ‘Safety Differently’ case study…





Trust bridgeTrust & toxicity

Tim delves into the complexities of trust and toxic cultures.





laughterSafety IS a laughing matter…

Tim makes the case that humour really does have a place in the health (and safety) world.





swiss cheeseCrazy, stupid… accidents

This ‘let’s debate this’ blog makes the case that, actually, there are several very good reasons why safety practitioners should play an active role in a holistic and integrated approach to mental health. (I’ve given this piece a provocative title in a blatant attempt to generate interest and discussion).



Sex and the safety message…Gails shoes

Tim revisits an old article of his and asks, is it better to risk offending the few to get an important message over to the many? Or is there a bigger picture that renders such short-term concerns irrelevant?




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