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January 31, 2011

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CPD article – Words to the wise

Continuing professional development is the process by which OSH practitioners maintain, develop and improve their skills and knowledge. IOSH CPD is very flexible in its approach to the ways in which CPD can be accrued, and one way is by reflecting on what you have learnt from the information you receive in your professional magazine. By answering the questions below, practitioners can award themselves credits. One, two or three credits can be awarded, depending on what has been learnt – exactly how many you award yourself is up to you, once you have reflected and taken part in the quiz.


1    The US term ‘discretionary behaviour’ is often known in the UK as?
a    Above-the-line behaviours           
b    Below-the-line behaviours           
c    Flying-in-the-wind behaviour           
d    On-the-line behaviour           
2    Some of the components of this type of behaviour are (tick all that apply):

a    Undertaking non-mandatory safety training           
b    Modelling safe behaviour for new starters           
c    Complying with safety requirements when unsupervised       
d    Demonstrating unsafe behaviour to others           
3    Various techniques can be used to influence safety behaviour – which of these cannot?
a    Invite inspirational speakers in           
b    Launch a hearts-and-minds campaign       
c    Leave the workforce to use its own common sense           
d    Set up behavioural safety processes       

4    Transformational leadership is NOT about which one of these?

a    Listening           
b    Leading by example
c    Policing transgressions           
d    Involving           
5    Reason’s model for safety culture is called?
a    Cheese model       
b    Butter model           
c    Milk model       
d    Yoghurt model   

6    Unintentional errors are caused by? Indicate the odd one out:

a    Design           
b    Task demands           
c    Training           
d    Ergonomics           
7    The ‘Just Culture’ approach needs to include (tick all that apply):
a    Listening to the workforce           
b    Talking to the workforce           
c    Insisting on basic incident reporting, with penalties for not doing so       
d    Asking the question “Why?”           
8    A genuine learning focus is:

a    Dry           
b    Academic       
c    Inspirational           
d    Quite boring
9    What is the ratio of praise to criticism that makes a criticism have some value?
a    1 to 8           
b    1 to 2
c    1 to 20           
d    1 to 5           
10    A workforce will respond better if it is involved in (tick all that apply):       
a    Job design           
b    Disciplining others who break the rules           
c    Risk assessment
d    Delivering toolbox talks


1    a
2    a, b and c
3    c
4    c
5    a
6    c
7    a, b and d
8    c
9    d
10    a, c and d

To learn more about CPD and the IOSH approach, visit

Tim Marsh is managing director of Ryder-Marsh Safety (Ltd).

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13 years ago

I thought that this article was very good for young H&S professionals like myself. I have until recently been on the H&S administration side and was involved in the distribution of H&S information but never actively involved in it. I am now however in a H&S coordinator’s role and am becoming more involved in actually speaking to colleagues and try to improve their safety behaviours. The information in this article has given me some ideas for new H&S concepts at work.

13 years ago

Very good article that higlights many of the issues and problems found in many organisations, the sooner that managers realise the importance of influencing ‘culture’ the safer the workplace will become.

13 years ago

Excellent and interesting article however I would just like to challenge Q. 2 whereby I had ticked all answers including D “Demonstrating unsafe behaviour to others”?

13 years ago

I thought this was a very good & intuative article,which facilitates learing very well. Those at the begining of their H&S careers and who should be engaged in a constant learing mode should benefit greatly.

13 years ago

I found the article to be very thought-provoking and topical. It reminds us how important inspirational leadership is in the field of health and safety as with most other disciplines. It also serves to remind us that to successfully develop a safety culture there has to be full engagement at all levels of management.

13 years ago

I Found this very interesting, it has spurred me on to look into coaching and mentoring techniques, to help influence both up and down the Chain of Command.