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July 30, 2010

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Health and Safety Leadership Quiz

Continuing professional development is the process by which OSH practitioners maintain, develop and improve their skills and knowledge. IOSH CPD is very flexible in its approach to the ways in which CPD can be accrued, and there are various activities in which members can engage as part of their individual action plan to refresh or expand their knowledge and experience, and thus make a real difference to their professional effectiveness.

One such activity is reflecting on what you have learnt from the information you receive every month in your professional magazine. IOSH and SHP have therefore decided to formalise this process by running a regular CPD ‘quiz’ based on a feature article in the magazine.

Every three issues or so,
a set of questions will be posed at the end of one of the feature articles, which practitioners can answer and subsequently award themselves credits. One, two or three credits can be awarded, depending on what has been learnt – exactly how many you award yourself is up to you, once you have reflected and taken part in the quiz.

This month, the questions relate to the article on the preceding pages, ‘Horses for courses’. There are ten to answer in all, and the answers can be found below.

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1    Leadership styles differ and can be:

  • Visionary and democratic
  • Democratic and bureaucratic
  • Pace-setting and corroborative
  • Affiliative and prescriptive

2    Difficult problems relating to safety should be:

  • Dealt with straight away
  • Ignored, as they generally resolve themselves
  • Delegated to the workforce to deal with
  • Discussed at senior management level at its next available meeting

3    A good safety leadership programme helps a manager to show that:

  • They will enforce safety rules
  • They will take action against safety infringements
  • They have a commitment and passion for safety in the job
  • That the management is paying ‘lip-service’ to safety

4    Managers can demonstrate their commitment to safety by:

  • Asking workers to share what they have learnt from recent experiences
  • Writing prescriptive rules for people to follow
  • Asking workers to recall their recent experiences
  • Asking workers not to talk about incidents, as it might spread panic

5    Emotional intelligence was developed by:

  • Bradley Curve in 1984
  • Paul Bizzell in June 2009
  • Daniel Goleman in the mid-1990s
  • Richard Byrne in 2010

6    Which of Goleman’s leadership styles is likely to have a negative effect on safety climate if it is poorly done?

  • Affiliative
  • Commanding
  • Visionary
  • Democratic

7    Which of Goleman’s leadership styles would be most effective in creating rapport within a team and helping to solve conflict?

  • Commanding
  •  Coaching
  • Democratic
  • Affiliative

8    In determining the safety culture of your organisation what would be a good approach to start with?

  • Conduct a full and detailed safety audit
  •  Stand back and observe
  • Refer to accident reports
  • Consider directors’ reports

9    The Bradley Curve suggests that there are three strategies of cultural development – which of the following is not one of these?

  • The Independent Stage
  • The Dependent Stage
  • The Indeterminate Stage
  • The Interdependent Stage

10   What sort of leader are you? Do you display any of the following (tick as many boxes as you think fit)?

  • Tell
  • Set high standards
  • Empathise
  • Listen
  • Inspire
  • Consult

Answers to the CPD Spotlight questions

1. a
2. a
3. c
4. a
5. c
6. b
7. d
8. b
9. c
10. Of course, there is no particular answer for this one. You could display any, all, or none of the behaviours. Perhaps you would like to reflect on this question separately and develop a plan to achieve the skills that you don’t have.

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13 years ago

I did the `horses fo course` test 10 question and got one question wrong. The CPD Sportlight is a fastanstic on-spot knowledge test of safety topics. I like enormouesly. Hope it is here to stay for safety consultants. Looking forward to the September SHP issue.

13 years ago

What a good idea, the CPD Spotlight Quiz is excellent. An informative article helping me expand my knowledge and adding value during my safety culture improvement project.

13 years ago

In my opinion there are two correct answers to question1. although I did select 1a after reading the article my pre-read choice was 1b.

I also strongly believe that in some scenario’s it would take a dictator to achieve initial movement in the direction of health and safety, but this would not be good long term.

13 years ago

Another management tool worth considering is Strenght Deployment Inventory. It provides team members with clues about how to improve relationships; clues to who you are, who I am and how we can have a rewarding relationship.

It does not measure performance but acts as a mirror reflecting back those behaviours we find rewarding. It allows discovery of what motivates and drives us, what contributes to our self worth.

13 years ago

I like this idea. I too got one question wrong, but it’s a good way to learn. Looking forward to future CPD features.

13 years ago

An interesting exercise. There should be more articles like this one allowing H & S Professionals to reflect on their leadership styles.

13 years ago

Congratulations to SHP for bringing this form of CPD to the forefront, no doubt most of us read many articles in or daily work routine but how often do we reflect on them?

This method has allowed me to read, understand and reflect on the article with interest, and expanding my knowledge base. I will be looking forward to more of the same.

13 years ago

Hi I have just completed the CPD. I think it is a good idea as just confirming your answers helps to confirm what you ahve read and gives pause for thought.

13 years ago

The CPD spotlight is a great addition especailly for us international members with limited access to other programs. (I also missed one question)Hopefully it could be expanded to a monthly feature. It was a very good article that I might otherwise have skipped or read casually but the CPD Spotlight caught my attention and resulted in a full read and reflection.