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February 6, 2020

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Russian stadium roof collapses and kills worker

The roof of a Russian sports stadium has collapsed, while a demolition worker was on top cutting through metal supports, killing him instantly.

Drone footage, from Fontanka media agency, shows a man detaching a roof structure with a blow torch at The SKK Peterburgskiy Stadium in St Petersburg. The structure begins to disintegrate and the man rushes to a try and reach a cage suspended from a crane.

He did not reach the cage in time before the stadium structure collapsed on top of him. The body of 29-year-old, Matvey Kucherov, was later discovered in the rubble.

Head of the Emergencies Ministry in St Petersburg, Aleksey Anklin said three other workers are being questioned by investigators.

The SKK Peterburgskiy is being reconstructed to host the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2023.

Warning, the below video contains graphic content.

The history of London Dock and how demolition has evolved over the years

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Neil Beacock
Neil Beacock
2 years ago

This is one of those profound videos that shows the last desperate moments of a persons life, I will use this as part of my WAH training, if a video like this doesn’t have an effect nothing will. It will also silence the “Always done it like this” brigade.