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May 1, 2019

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Changes to the CITB HS&E test

The Health, Safety and Environment test for the United Kingdom construction industry is being updated on 26 June 2019.

construction-workerThe Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test helps to raise the health, safety and environment standards for those working in the construction industry – giving employers the assurance that thier workforce, and those they work alongside are well prepared to be safe on the job. It’s simply about protecting people.

The updates CITB is making on the 26 June 2019 are the result of two and half years working with industry and experts in other fields to ensure that the HS&E test continues to be fair, valid and reliable.

What is changing?

  • Update to include current practice and legislation – All versions have been reviewed and, where applicable, updated with the latest legislation.
  • Levelling of the playing field – Everyone taking the revised Operatives test will see the same amount of easy, medium and hard questions, in a random combination.
  • One score to pass – There is now only one section of questioning. The behavioural case studies and accompanying questions have been removed.
  • New questions and new style – There are now a wider range of health, safety and environment tasks and responsibilities covered in the questions. A new ‘drag and drop’ questioning style has also been added.
  • Clearer instructions – The on-screen tutorials have been improved.
  • Materials to revise, not memorise – Revision materials have all been updated alongside the changes to the test.

New updated revision materials will be available for purchase from 15 May 2019 to aid those taking the test after the 26 June 2019.

CITB’s delivery of the test ensures that the safety of the British construction workforce is at the heart of what it does. Its close links with industry means that as the construction industry evolves; the HS&E test is evolving too.

Karl Simons, Chief Health, Safety & Security Officer at Thames Water, said: “As a major client employing many thousands of construction workers every day, it is vitally important all have a solid foundation in understanding of the Health, Safety & Environmental risks they may face in the dynamic construction environment. The new changes made to the CITB HS&E test continue support this approach.”

To find out more about the changes, click here.

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Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs
3 years ago

The safety critical questions on their CITB courses should be given their marching orders too. You can get 24/25 on those and if you answer a safety critical question wrong, you fail, as where, you can get 23/25 right, and so long as you answer all the safety critical questions right, you pass. Ridiculous. CITB are a joke.