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February 21, 2018

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BAM Nuttall announce new “eara” in construction safety

Civils contractor BAM Nuttall has trialed new hearing protection solutions as part of its plans to explore innovative safety solutions on-site.

Delivered by health and safety technology company Eave, the products assist with noise induced hearing loss, which is one of the most prevalent occupational diseases, affecting 1.4 million workers in the EU and costing 1.4 billion Euros annually.

The firm is using bluetooth ear defenders which are designed to protect hearing, while allowing clear communications in heavy industry environments such as construction and marine engineering.

The ear defenders adapt to their surroundings, separating speech from background noise.

Positive feedback

Head of innovation at BAM Nuttall, Colin Evison, said: ““We are always interested in innovative construction solutions.

“Following the pilot, the feedback so far has been very positive. The ear protectors cut down on loud background noise, while enhancing voice, allowing for easy communication without nullifying important audible safety signals such as alarms or sirens for example.”


Speaking about the defenders, which also pair with smartphones and walkie talkies, founder of Eave, David Greenberg said: “I come from a medical device background, having worked with hearing aids as a clinical audiologist. Loss of hearing is caused by getting old or exposure to loud noise.

“The latter is 100% preventable.

“It’s important, however, to make sure that there is still an appropriate level of background noise to ensure that operatives remain safe. Over protection from noise can be a health and safety risk too.”

As well as protecting hearing and facilitating clear communications the ear defenders also record noise data which can be accessed online.

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