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December 1, 2010

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Dust exposure management – Casella Insight

According to Casella CEL, the latest upgrade of its insight occupational-exposure data management software means it can now be used in conjunction with the company’s Microdust Pro real-time monitor to help produce reliable results when conducting workplace inhalation risk assessments.

Described as straightforward to use, the software allows multiple exposure hazards for each employee to be combined and reported in one place and at one time. The software shows the time history of dust exposure and levels so that ‘what if’ calculations can be performed, in order to reduce the risk of employees’ overall exposure to potential hazards and keep them safe. Insight also enables data to be downloaded, analysed in tabular and graphical formats by name, person, place or process, or exported into other software packages, enabling easy sharing by multiple users.

Insight can also be used to download, interpret and communicate survey data for a wide range of occupational hazards collected from other monitoring devices, such as sound-level meters, noise dosimeters, and personal air-sampling pumps.

Casella says Insight is designed as a tool to reduce the time and effort required to analyse and report data. Indeed, analysis of exposure data is performed automatically, preventing the need to manually calculate exposures for noise, dusts, etc.

More information can be found at or by calling 01234 844100.

Approaches to managing the risks associated Musculoskeletal disorders

In this episode of the Safety & Health Podcast, we hear from Matt Birtles, Principal Ergonomics Consultant at HSE’s Science and Research Centre, about the different approaches to managing the risks associated with Musculoskeletal disorders.

Matt, an ergonomics and human factors expert, shares his thoughts on why MSDs are important, the various prevalent rates across the UK, what you can do within your own organisation and the Risk Management process surrounding MSD’s.

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