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March 3, 2010

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Air sampling and analysis- Quantitech

Environmental instrumentation company Quantitech has been awarded a contract worth more than £1 million to provide advanced air-sampling and analysis equipment for the multi-agency air-quality cell (AQC) established in the wake of the Buncefield incident.

The company says it has supplied 18 sets of instrumentation, including advanced portable Gasmet FTIR multi-gas analysers, and TCR Tecora high-volume Echo and low-volume Delta air-sampling equipment. It has also provided a thorough training programme, covering instrument operation, maintenance, calibration and service.

Quantitech’s Dr Andrew Hobson says: “We are delighted that the Gasmet DX4030 portable FTIR gas analyser has been chosen for this project because it was developed for applications in which almost any gas might need to be identified. The FTIR analyser is located in a backpack and effectively provides laboratory-grade analysis in a field instrument. A Bluetooth connection to a handheld PDA provides simultaneous measurements for up to 25 compounds, and the collection of a complete sample spectrum means that over 250 compounds can be analysed.”

According to Quantitech, portable monitoring equipment is vital to the success of the AQC project because of the rapid response times required. For further information, visit

Approaches to managing the risks associated Musculoskeletal disorders

In this episode of the Safety & Health Podcast, we hear from Matt Birtles, Principal Ergonomics Consultant at HSE’s Science and Research Centre, about the different approaches to managing the risks associated with Musculoskeletal disorders.

Matt, an ergonomics and human factors expert, shares his thoughts on why MSDs are important, the various prevalent rates across the UK, what you can do within your own organisation and the Risk Management process surrounding MSD’s.

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