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May 23, 2019

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chemical exposure

Protect employees from chemical exposure

Casella launches intrinsically safe low flow pump for chemical exposure monitoring.

Air sampling, noise and vibration specialist, Casella has launched the VAPex, an advanced and lightweight low flow pump, said to be ideal solution for seamless reporting on employee’s levels of chemical exposure, saving occupational hygienists’ crucial time in their working day.

In 2018, the United Nations stressed the importance of improving the prevention of chemical exposures at work, with The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimating that one worker dies every 30 seconds from exposure to toxic chemicals, pesticides, radiation and other hazardous substances.

Casella VAPex

The VAPex, with a flow rate of 20mL to 500mL/min, is intrinsically safe and assists occupational hygienists in the measurement of chemical exposure levels such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

The pocket-sized sampling device allows the user to easily carry the pump around a site, equipped with a run time of over 34 hours under typical operating conditions. In addition, the VAPex pump is designed with three LED lights that indicate the pump battery’s status from a distance, preventing any unexpected charge failures that might disrupt monitoring activity.

A headache for many occupational hygienists is the time it takes to transfer their written notes and sample data collected on site. However, using the VAPex Pro in conjunction with Casella’s Airwave App via Bluetooth, occupational hygienists have access to an easy to use system that enables the operator to record their notes and input data instantaneously, using a tablet or mobile device. The Airwave App can also be used to check the pump remotely, saving time by preventing the need to disturb the wearer of the pump.

Tim Turney, Technical Product Manager at Casella explains: “Our new VAPex low flow pump is designed to make chemical exposure assessments easier and quicker for hygienists concerned with the health of employees. The VAPex is designed with a robust screen on top and great backpressure capability meaning multiple tubes can be tested at the same time, providing a pain-free monitoring solution.”

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