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November 16, 2012

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New chemical pictograms explained

A new set of online resources to alert employers and workers to chemical hazards has been launched by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).

Part of a project to raise awareness of changes in chemicals labeling and signage the resources include a film entitled ‘Danger! Chemicals’ and a poster and leaflet, all of which feature the Napo character and aim to introduce health and safety issues in a fun and memorable way.

The kit reminds employers and workers of the new hazard pictograms for chemical products that are being implemented in EU member states as part of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) – recent research by the European Chemicals Agency found that many of the pictograms are still not recognised or properly understood.

According to EU-OSHA, around 15 per cent of Europe’s workers handle dangerous substances as part of their daily work. The Agency emphasises that just a single exposure to some of these substances ca harm workers’ health, with effects ranging from mild eye and skin irritations to asthma, reproductive problems, birth defects and cancer.

The Agency is supporting the European Commission in its efforts to raise awareness about the changes in labeling requirements and their relevance for workplaces. As well as the resources mentioned above, a variety of other training materials and guidance documents are available, while an FAQ section on the EU’s classification, labeling and packaging regulation (CLP) and REACH provide further insight into these subjects.

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11 years ago

I find this site very helpful.

The plus benefit of EU-OSHA is that I can download the same information in so many diferent languages!

The non-uk nationals that don’t have english as thier first language get the same info as the brits – in print – and at the same time!

Ergo, I know that the information is getting accross