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Modern safety culture and sparking long term change Developing a strong safety culture in your organisation is not a choice, […] Read More

The perception of workplace safety in the EU, and the reality

The EU prides itself on its dedication to workplace health and safety, and the good labour rights of its workers. […] Read More

How leaving the EU could affect health and safety

As part of its regular work with professionals in the fields of environment and health and safety, who are charged […] Read More

Lifting and handling training, regulation and advice

Everybody knows someone who has had or is suffering from a 'bad back'. As Jonathan Backhouse argues, one of the most common causes of back pain is poor manual handling, which is why it's so important to ensure people follow the best advice. Read More

Future proofing

The PEROSH research network and EU-OSHA have launched three position papers on the future key challenges for occupational safety and […] Read More

Innovative approaches to workplace safety

A new industry survey commissioned by DuPont Sustainable Solutions shows that many companies lament the lack of innovative approaches to workplace safety. Is that really the case and what can companies do to kick-start plateauing workplace safety performance? Andrew Sharman reports. Read More

Download: EU health and safety legislation

Download: EU health and safety legislation With companies now undergoing overseas operations, EU health and safety needs to be approached meticulously […] Read More

Download: Health and Safety law in France – general provisions

Download: Health and Safety law in France – general provisions The main item of legislation governing health and safety is […] Read More

Reputation on the line – Thomas Cook

By Mike Appleby Thomas Cook’s response to the deaths of two young children Christi and Bobby Shepherd, who died while […] Read More

Country profile: safety in Serbia

Serbia, a country that only 15 years ago was under siege from NATO, is now showing aspirations to be part […] Read More

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