A guide for the professional who wants to change cultures, shape strategies and build buy-in

Learn from the specialists who share a passion for using occupational safety and health to protect people and improve business performance. Read More

New publication affirms ‘Alarming gap’ in lithium-ion battery fire risk awareness

E-book on the latest developments in reducing risk from fire involving lithium-ion batteries has been published by SHP in conjunction with Firechief Global. Read More

Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed

A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed. An e-book from IFSEC Insider and in association with Firechief® Global Read More

Evaluating EHS Software management systems through the Verdantix Green Quadrant

Evaluating EHS Management Software Vendors? The Verdantix Green Quadrant: EHS Software 2023 is your first place to start! Read More

How to create and sustain a robust safety culture – a guide for the modern health and safety professional

This guide looks at the role of management, the critical importance of effective communication, and the five building blocks you can use to structure your approach. Read More

Is your organisational structure destroying your culture?

In Tribe Culture Change's latest report, they explore the relationship between organisational structure, culture, and the impact on overall business performance. Read More

Six signs that it’s time to replace your EHS management software

Read this eBook to help assess whether your current EHS system is the best fit for your organisation, and what to consider for new tools. Read More

SHP’s Annual Products and Services Report – 2023

Discover the profession's buying habits in this exclusive trend report put together by SHP. Stay ahead of the curve and download this exclusive 18-page report now. Read More

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD): How Intelex Supports the Evolution of Materiality and ESG Reporting

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is increasing the ESG reporting responsibilities of many organisations. This Insight Report provides a detailed look at how CSRD expands on existing requirements and what this means for your business. Read More

Environmental, Social & Governance White Paper

Get insights into the growing importance of transparent and sustainable business practices in today's interconnected world. Learn about the pivotal role of ESG factors in assessing and measuring sustainability. Read More

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Environmental, Social & Governance White Paper

Improving Workplace Safety: Personality Assessments to improve organisational safety culture

Strong foundation – embedding safety culture in your frontline workers

Contractor Selection and Management in Times of Labour Shortage

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