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March 13, 2018

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Casella launches game changer in airflow detection

Casella has launched the first airflow calibrator to measure pulsation – the Flow DetectiveTM.

The device is the first on the market with Bluetooth connectivity through Casella’s Airwave App and also comes with a 70-hour battery life, which means it only has to be recharged every few days.

It is designed to measure the flow of air-sampling pumps to within 2% accuracy and when used in conjunction with the Casella Apex2 air-sampling pump, it can achieve closed loop automatic calibration, so nothing has to be set manually on the pump.

Calibration can be undertaken on any pump with data transmission via the Airwave app to user emails for compliance with traceability standards.

Casella flow detective

The Flow DetectiveTM   can calibrate any pump within airflows of 20mL/min to 5,000 mL/min to ensure correct flow with automated traceable measurements.

And with it’s wide flow range, it can be used to calibrate at low flows for sorbent tube sampling, which means just one device is need for all personal air sampling calibrations.

It also allows for the tagging of pre and post calibration data, so users can see any before and after measurement deviations.

In addition, the device also displays a red indicator if pulsation is above 10% to alert if the ISO 13137 compliance level is exceeded.

The rugged and compact device also minimizes set up prior to undertaking calibrations, which can help to save time, as well as purchasing costs.

Find out more about it on the Casella website here.

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