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November 13, 2017

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World Kindness Day: improving worker wellbeing

Today is World Kindness Day, which aims to improve wellbeing through random acts of kindness in both the personal, and professional, world.

Worker wellbeing is crucial to the success of the ‘kindness movement’, and below are some of SHP Online’s top examples of how this can be put into action.

Top tips on worker kindness

According to Sharon Schweitzer, a contributor at the Huffington Post, and an ‘international protocol expert’, there are a number of ways that workplace goodwill can be carried out on World Kindness Day.

Her five top tips, which she says should be carried out on a daily basis, include:

  1. Showing Gratitude: A simple “thank you,” will, according to Scheweitzer ‘make us all feel appreciated about our work and encourages us excel’.
  2. Greeting with a ‘Hello and Goodbye’: She says: ‘Human interaction is crucial and will help create a positive environment’.
  3. Remembering Names: Taking the time to learn names will personalize your interactions, creating mutual respect and a friendlier workspace. Schweitzer says this will help build ‘mutual respect’ in the workforce.
  4. Helping Hand: guide those who struggle, while helping a coworker with a certain strength move up or into a better position, according to Schweitzer.
  5. Stop Rumors: If you hear negative talk or gossip about a coworker in (or outside) the office, then intervene. She says: “Combat negativity with kind words about others, and strive to appreciate the positive in everyone.”

Social media

Check out #WorldKindnessDay for various examples of kindness and more tips on the workplace. Below are some of SHP’s favourite tweets so far:

TED Talks

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of TED talks on kindness and it’s power in the workplace and for general wellbeing.

Below are a few of the best:

Kindness UK

For more information on kindness day, and to sign the petition to make it an ‘official day’, take a look at the website of Kindness UK, which is the independent, not-for-profit organisation with ‘the goal of making kindness a greater part of everyone’s daily lives and increasing the awareness of the positive benefits of kindness to health and the overall wellbeing of society’.

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