October 4, 2022

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Report shows safety challenges around hybrid working

A report from Peoplesafe says issues around hybrid working are of most concern to workers.

The study, Overcoming The Employee Safety Gap, reveals that 6.8m workers across all sectors have concerns around safety once a week, but hybrid working – which extends to commuting and working from home – is throwing up new challenges for employees and employers.

Speaking ahead of an SHP webinar on the topic, Naz Dossa, CEO at Peoplesafe, says the pandemic has shifted safety beyond the workplace. “The world of work has changed irrevocably following the pandemic, from how people work to what they expect from their employers. Working life has extended from just a physical workplace and the expectation being placed on businesses is that workers should be protected away from the workplace, be that on their commute on wherever they work. The challenge for many employers is how to adapt to that shift in expectations.”

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