May 28, 2020

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Health & safety books

Health and safety books: Visit the SHP Taylor & Francis bookshop

SHP readers can benefit from a 20% discount on a wide range of health & safety books.

health & safety books

SHP’s health & safety bookshop provides readers with an extensive range of Taylor & Francis published resources to help professionals create a safe and healthy work environment.

The books cover good practices and important moral, legal, and financial issues pertaining to a safety manager’s job.

Authors such as SHP contributors Andrew Sharman, Tim Marsh and Louise Ward are featured, as well as the likes of Thomas D. Schneid, Charles D. Reese and Ed Ferrett.

The health & safety books are split into the following categories:

H&S Books logo

Legal aspects of health and safety;

Occupational Hygiene;

Safety and health programs / Workplace safety;

Certification/Standards/Codes and Local Legislation;

Emergency response/Disasters/Hazardous materials;

Health & Safety management;

NEBOSH qualification textbooks.

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