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January 15, 2015

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Throwback Thursday: who needs the internet?

This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to June 1996, a time when the internet was relatively new and articles like the one below helped people get to grips with what they could expect.

The opening paragraph sums up the attitude towards the burgeoning technology: “There are health and safety professionals who still think that there’s nothing in information technology that they can’t find cheaper and quicker in a good book, who mistrust computers and have only just got used to the fax machine. ‘There’s nothing in it for me’, one senior IOSH figure told me recently, then he admitted he’d never seen a demonstration of the Internet.”

Nowadays we can’t do anything without access to wifi, completely stumped when the connection goes down.

And then there’s this, which Al Gore might not appreciate: “The phrase ‘information super-highway’ was coined by USA Vice-President Al Gore in 1993 and may well turn out to be his most lasting contribution to history.”

It’s also worth noting how little worry there was about security, and the tiny amount of data you could store (10MB!) compared with today.




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