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Ian joined Informa (formerly UBM) in 2018 as the Editor of SHP. Ian studied journalism at university before spending seven years in online fantasy gaming. Prior to moving to Informa, Ian worked in business to business trade print media, in the automotive sector. He was Online Editor and then moved on to be the Editor of two publications aimed at independent automotive technicians and parts distributors.
August 1, 2019

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British Safety Council

British Safety Council awards, training and diplomas

When James Tye created the British Safety Council in 1957, thousands of people were being killed at work every year in the UK, while many more suffered serious injuries and disease.

James Tye British Safety Council

James Tye (right) with Cliff Richard (centre), one of many celebrities who took part in the British Safety Council campaigns.

James Tye tirelessly for comprehensive protection of all workers, and the last 60 years of health and safety campaign history has now been unveiled as part of the British Safety Council’s digital archive.

This archive contains work featuring momentous events from 60 years of British economic, social and political history, and holds unique documents and correspondence as well as photographs, newspapers, magazines and posters which were thought to be lost.

In 2015, as the British Safety Council started to prepare a treasure trove of historic materials including campaign posters, photographs, and correspondence, all of which was bursting from old boxes in a warehouse in the Midlands.

These have now been digitized and made publicly available for the first time.

Among the treasures in the archive are:

  • The first UK report into the need for seat-belt laws, from 1959;
  • A comprehensive collection of publications from 1959 to 2010, documenting the British history of this period, including tragedies, e.g. the Kings Cross fire and Hillsborough disaster, changes in politics, industry, fashion and gender;
  • Hundreds of unique, hand-drawn posters from the 1970s, 80s and 90s;
  • Photographs of celebrities who were involved in the British Safety Council’s campaigns, including Dame Barbara Windsor DBE, Des Lynam OBE and Dame Esther Rantzen DBE;
  • An insight into the life and struggles of James Tye, a powerful and sometimes controversial campaigning voice trying to change the attitude of British industry and the public to safety and health at work; and
  • The British Safety Council’s magazines from the 60s.


A picture from James Tye’s campaign for road safety which was remembered for white crosses painted on damaged cars.

Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, said: “The British Safety Council has a long history of involvement in health and safety. Our digital archive, which we have saved for future generations, is testament to this.

“It also offers a unique insight into the history of health and safety in Britain and is a record of the commitment, passion and unrelenting efforts of those health and safety professionals who campaigned tirelessly against all the odds to make Britain a safer place to work.”

The archive featured in a picture book and a film, released to mark British Safety Council’s 60th anniversary in 2017. The film told story of the charity over the last 60 years, including its big wins and achievements, and feature rare footage and images. The film will be available online after the event.

A commemorative picture was also published by social historian Mike Esbester, which tells the story of the British Safety Council and James Tye. It uses images from the archive, revealing the charity’s colourful heritage and past campaigns, as well as how they shaped the social, political and economic changes of the last 60 years.

British Safety Council membership

Two kinds of membership are offered, UK and international, designed to help organisations manage legislation and compliance while systematically improving health, safety and environmental standards.

Many businesses, from small independent start-ups to large multinational organisations, are part of the largest corporate health and safety membership organisation. For over 60 years they have benefitted from the best practice advice and influence of experts as they strive to excellence in workplace health, safety and wellbeing.

British Safety Council Awards, How does it work?

Each year, since 1980, the British Safety Council has awarded the Sword of Honour for health and safety management excellence. For the past seven years, it has awarded the Globe of Honour for excellence in environmental management. SHP Spoke to Policy and Technical Director David Parr to find out about how the process works.

British Safety Council Globe of Honour Award

“The five-star audit is unique to the British Safety Council,” explains David. “There are essentially three kinds of five-star audit: occupational health and safety, environmental and process safety. What makes the audit unique is that it is based upon current best practice, and as it is quantifiable, there’s a scored, graded outcome.

“It’s a consultancy audit, so we provide detailed recommendations that organisations can use as their improvement plan. It provides a structured route to best practice status.”

The audit benchmarks a company’s performance against best practice globally. It also an actual quantified scored outcome against that best practice standard. So how does the best practice get determined? “Every year we have a panel of technical experts, both internal and external, who review all the current trends and current global standards,” explains David.

Click here for the full interview with David.

British Safety Council India

In 2018, British Safety Council announced the launch of the ‘India Safety Leadership Group’. This is a forum which will enable its members in India to share best practice and expertise in health, safety and wellbeing and lead broader change across all sectors.

In India, around 80% of the estimated 465 million-strong workforce are not protected by the existing health and safety legal framework. The British Safety Council aims to raise awareness of the importance of managing health and safety risks in the workplace. It will also challenge traditional views and approaches, as well as supporting employers in adopting practices which better safeguard the health and safety of their workers.

The opening of an office in Mumbai in 2017 followed over 20 years of support to the Indian market. The Indian office allows it to offer a greater range of products tailored to the needs of the Indian market. It also acts as a base for campaigning and progressing its charitable work in the country.

Chief Executive, Mike Robinson spoke about the opening of the first meeting of the India Safety Leadership Group. Click here to see what he said.

Mike also spoke to Safety Bytes, where he discussed:

  • Why the British Safety Council decided to launch in India.
  • How it will have an impact on health & safety in India, a country of 1.3bn people.

Measuring air pollution: Canairy App for outdoor workers

In March 2019 British Safety Council launched Canairy, in partnership with King’s College London. Canairy is the world’s first mobile app for outdoor workers to measure their exposure to air pollution in London. SHP spoke to Matthew Holder, Head of Campaigns at the British Safety Council, to find out more.

Canairy was launched to coincide with the Time to Breathe campaign. It aims to give those who work outside all the information they need to help reduce their exposure to air pollution. It will also allow employers to gather intelligence to help them protect the health of their workforce.

Click here to read more from Matthew, and Andrew Grieve, Senior Air Quality Analyst at King’s College London.

Click here to visit the British Safety Council website.

More articles:

‘The end of health and safety gone mad?’ – eBook launched to highlight the profession’s positive work

“The end of health and safety gone mad?” is a new eBook investigating the way the health and safety community has evolved and adapted to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. It explores growing positive media attention and the work performed by major health and safety associations, and asks how the profession may look going into 2021.

Grenfell Tower fire: Remediation works to remove and replace unsafe cladding update

72 people were killed by the horrific fire that engulfed the Grenfell Tower block of flats in North Kensington, West London on Wednesday, 14 June 2017.

A guide to home working

Many businesses have begun to embrace the idea of flexible working and working from home and, in the current climate, more and more of us may find ourselves plunged into doing so for longer than the one to two days a week, which employers and employees adapt to fairly easily.

‘Now is not the time for unnecessary trips to the office’

British Safety Council urges Government not to pressurise employers to get workers back into the office. If people can work from home, they should have the choice to work from home: for the sake of people’s health, wellbeing and the economy.

British Safety Council launches Live Online, a series of digital mental health workshops

The British Safety Council has launched a selection of its mental health workshops online for those looking to better address employee mental wellbeing, as workplaces across the country adjust their practices to prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

WATCH: ‘State of the health and safety profession and sourcing PPE during COVID-19’

This on-demand webinar provides an update on the current state of the health & safety profession, looking at how health & safety professionals are having to adapt to new challenges and working environments.

British Safety Council continues to evolve to support organisations during the coronavirus pandemic

‘The coronavirus pandemic is not an excuse to let health safety and environmental standards slip,’ says the British Safety Council.

Health and Safety at Work Day: ‘Let’s make workplaces fit for heroes’, says British Safety Council

The British Safety Council is marking the World Day for Safety and Health at Work with a pledge to support workers’ safety through the coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

‘Non-essential construction must end to keep workers and public safe’

Government must give clearer guidance on building sites says British Safety Council.

It’s not safe for the Olympics to go ahead as planned says London 2012 health and safety boss

Lawrence Waterman OBE – “We ran the safest ever games for London 2012 – the Tokyo Games cannot be delivered safely for athletes, visitors or workers in Japan.”

British Safety Council announces winners of the International Safety Awards

The British Safety Council has revealed the winners of its 2020 International Safety Awards. The awards recognise and celebrate organisations from around the world which have shown a true dedication to keeping their workers and workplaces healthy and safe over the last year.

Budget 2020: Statutory sick pay will be paid to all those who choose to self-isolate

In the first budget of 2020, the newly-appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has pledged the NHS will get ‘whatever resources it needs’ during the coronavirus crisis, while he has also unveiled measures to boost the self-employed and small businesses who are left out of pocket.

‘Outdoor workers are exposed to 15% more pollution than the average Londoner’

A report carried out by Kings College London has highlighted the health risks of living near busy roads in the UK.

British Safety Council respond to Queen’s Speech

The British Safety Council and other bodies have pledged to work with the government to protect and enhance workers’ rights, reform the regulatory regime for building safety and improve air quality.

General election: ‘We want to see a cross-party consensus on health and safety standards,’ says British Safety Council Chief Executive

With the upcoming general election, on 12 December 2019, the British Safety Council wants to ensure that the main political parties consider making policy commitments on occupational health, safety and wellbeing.

British Safety Council awards 2019 Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour award winners

The British Safety Council has awarded the winners of its 2019 Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour awards, bestowed for exemplary management of health, safety and environmental risks.

Five-Star Audit, Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour Awards, How does it work? SHP meets British Safety Council’s David Parr

For 39 consecutive years, the British Safety Council has awarded the Sword of Honour for health and safety management excellence and, for the past seven years, the Globe of Honour for excellence in environmental management.

British Safety Council: New Speaker must show leadership on the health and wellbeing of all who work in parliament

The British Safety Council has called on the Speaker of the House of Commons to set an example of leadership in promoting the wellbeing of all MPs and their staff.

Health, safety and wellbeing in the modern workplace

The 11th edition of the British Safety Council Annual Conference recently brought together leaders from across the health, safety and wellbeing. With the future of so many facets of life changing rapidly, this year’s agenda was extremely topical.

World Mental Health Day: Prevention is the best cure

British Safety Council has urged employers to safeguard employee mental health and invest in workplace wellbeing.

‘Over five million UK workers could be suffering from a mental health condition each year’

The British Safety Council published its new literature review, Not just free fruit: wellbeing at work, in December 2018. Shehzana Mamujee, Policy and Research Analyst at British Safety Council, tells SHP about some of the findings.

Exploring the key issues shaping the health, safety and wellbeing agenda

British Safety Council announces its agenda for 11th Annual Conference, ‘Health, safety and wellbeing in the modern workplace,’ taking place in London on on 16 October 2019.

‘Natural progression’ for organisations migrating to ISO 45001, says British Safety Council

The advent of the ISO 45001 global standard for occupational health and safety management has led to new organisations coming forward to apply for certification, according to the British Safety Council.

Mental Health Awareness Week: How to beat stress and keep the mind healthy

British Safety Council has launched a series of wellbeing videos containing exercises and advice to help workers beat stress and maintain good mental health.

The Silent Epidemic: Mental health in the construction industry

‘The risk of suicide among low-skilled male labourers, particularly those working in construction roles, is three times higher than the male national average.’ After rolling out its new strategy, Selwood Housing saw a 95% reduction in work-related stress-related absences and a 73% reduction in personal stress-related absences, over a one-year period

International Safety Awards 2019: Winners announced

The British Safety Council and Mates in Mind celebrate exceptional commitment to workplace health, safety and wellbeing at annual awards ceremony.

Measuring air pollution: British Safety Council launches Canairy App for outdoor workers

King’s College London and British Safety Council have launched Canairy, the world’s first mobile app for outdoor workers to measure their exposure to air pollution in London.

Wellbeing at work explored in new videos

The British Safety Council has launched a series of videos to companies improve wellbeing in the workplace.

Duke of Edinburgh seatbelt incident: ‘The law applies to everyone’

According to data from the Department for Transport, seatbelts help to save around 2,000 lives every year.

Bosses urged to regularly evaluate wellbeing programmes

The new Not just free fruit: wellbeing at work report by the British Safety Council warns wellbeing in many organisations is

How virtual reality is keeping us safe

From industrial infrastructure to the Royal Mail, here are a few ways that a new type of immersive digital experience is helping to improve real-life safety. With examples from British Safety Council, Amey and Royal Mail.

British Safety Council awards Sword of Honour

More than 60 companies have been awarded the prestigious Sword of Honour by the British Safety Council. A total of

British Safety Council establishes health, safety and wellbeing forum in India

The British Safety Council has announced the launch of the ‘India Safety Leadership Group’, a forum which will enable its members in India to share best practice and expertise in health, safety and wellbeing and lead broader change across all sectors.

Promoting workplace health and wellbeing

In uncertain times why are we still trying to ‘sell’ the business benefits of health & wellbeing?

Preparing for the health and safety challenges ahead

The British Safety Council is holding its 10th Annual Conference ‘Health and safety in uncertain times’ on Wednesday, 14 November 2018 at Congress Centre, London.

‘Injured workers should retain fair access to legal representation’, says BSC

The British Safety Council has expressed its support for the Usdaw campaign for fair access to legal representation for injured workers.

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