September 14, 2018

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London’s Air Ambulance

Abseil challenge: London’s Air Ambulance fundraiser – Today’s the day!

17 floors, 305 feet, seven brave souls, one fantastic charity – SHP and Safety & Health Expo team to tackle charity abseil.

In its 29-year history, London’s Air Ambulance has treated over 38,000 patients, who have been the victims of some of London’s most serious incidents and accidents.

London’s Air Ambulance is SHP Online and Safety and Health Expo’s official charity partner, although two thirds of Londoners are unaware that the organisation is almost fully funded by donations.

The charity is hugely significant to the health and safety professional, with falls from height over two storeys being one of the three incidents that prompts an automatic response, last year alone it attended 412.

It serves the near 10 million people within the M25 area and can be on the scene in minutes.

The team, which at all times includes an advanced trauma doctor and paramedic, perform advanced medical interventions, normally only found in the hospital Emergency Department, in time critical, life threatening situations.

It’s also called upon to attend rail incidents, industrial accidents and electrocutions. It has helped provide the frontline response to the London Bridge incident, Westminster terror attack and the Grenfell Tower fire within the last 12 months.

Raising funds

To raise money for this great charity, a team from SHP and Safety & Health Expo will be abseiling down the 17 floors from the London’s Air Ambulance helipad on the roof of the Royal London Hospital this September.

Who are we?

Nicoletta Bartucca, Brand Marketing Manager

Angela Coffill, Business Development Manager

Chris Edwards, Brand Director

Ian Hart, SHP Editor

Natalie Gillbanks, Account Manager

Sarah James, Brand Marketing Executive

Jonathan Lancaster, Key Accounts Director

We would be really grateful of any sponsorship money you can spare. Any funds raised will be kindly matched by UBM.

To donate, simply click on the image below.

Thankyou in advance.

Read SHP’s profile of the charity here.

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