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Nick Warburton is former editor of SHP Magazine. He is currently working as a freelance journalist and as an account manager at Technical Publicity.
December 21, 2015

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2016 challenges: tell us what you think

On 4 January, SHP Online will publish ‘expert predictions’, a thought-provoking exclusive for SHP in which we ask over 20 safety and health thought leaders what they consider will be the most significant developments over the coming year.

We’ve drawn on a diverse range of leading industry players, including Judith Hackitt, HSE chair; Shirley Parsons, CEO Shirley Parsons Associates; Lawrence Waterman, director of health and safety at Battersea Power Station Development; Jerry Flechais, vice president of IOSH Fire Safety Management Group; and Terry Woolmer, head of health and safety policy at EEF.

The article, which also features in the final SHP magazine, published in early January, covers most of the key areas of health and safety, most notably regulation, legislation, construction, research, manufacturing, occupational health, transport, social care, energy and the waste recovery industry.

In the run up to the article’s publication, SHP Online would be interested to hear what our readers think will be the most significant challenges for their sector/area of expertise.



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