October 19, 2022

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SHP Awards 2022 – how to blaze a trail in wellbeing

The deadline for this year’s SHP Awards, in association with Shirley Parsons global HSEQ talent experts, has been extended to 24 October, giving people more time to get their nominations in. Here, we look at a new category for this year’s award – the Trailblazer in Workplace Wellbeing, and find out what entrants need to show the judges to be considered.

Silvana Martin

Laing O’ Rourke’s Silvana Martin is hoping to see “innovative and meaningful approaches” among this year’s Trailblazer in Workplace Wellbeing category.

Despite being an integral part of a health and safety strategy, applying a wellbeing focus to your workforce has its challenges. Yes, employers are now more aware of the role wellbeing plays but gaps exists in its application. As such, in 2022, new ideas with tangible results are now being reported, something our judges hope will shine through in this year’s inauugral Trailblazer Wellbeing Category.

Silvana Martin, works at Laing O’rourke as a Life Wellbeing Leader and she is sure creativity will shine through this year’s nominations. “We are living in a time of high demand on both work and home fronts,” she says, “and I’m excited to learn about the innovative and meaningful approaches that have led to new and more effective ways to manage and improve employee wellbeing and performance.”

Heather Beach, Founder of the Healthy Work Company, is clear in what she is looking for in an entry: “Ideally, when it comes to wellbeing, we should be looking at a risk-based approach to wellbeing rather than an initiative  led one and one which has proven results, with some leading or lagging indicators. As this is new for lots of organisations though, I would at least want to see a strategy that was in some way bought into by the board, or aligned with the overall company strategy,” she explains. “Bonus points if the thinking has been integrated with safety too.”

If you think you have what it takes to impress our judges then you can enter the Trailblazer in Workplace Wellbeing category here.

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