James Moore


Articles by this author

Human impact of fire investigated in new study

Expertise and guidance on hand at FIREX International 2022: Agenda announced!

Fire Safety in 2021 eBook – Is the industry ready to embrace systemic change in building safety?

Legislation in Wales set to change to ensure private rented properties are fit for human occupancy

‘44% of businesses are concerned that false fire alarms in the workplace will encourage complacency’, according to study

New code of practice for external wall fire risk assessment published

Additional £27 million for Waking Watch Relief Fund announced by government

Gove puts pressure on housing developers to help pay for cladding remediation costs

Ministers urged to reveal whether dangerous cladding tested in the early 2000s was used at Grenfell

‘65% of people want safer stadiums and arenas’, YouGov survey finds

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Why smart quality professionals deny serious risks in a post-pandemic world

Building Safety Bill round-up

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The ROI of safety: Making the business case for safety and health

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