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April 4, 2016

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Kolkata flyover: three arrested over collapse

Kolkata flyoverThree employees of the construction firm building the Kolkata flyover that collapsed last week have been arrested, a senior officer announced on Saturday.

The arrests were made on Friday evening as the death toll from the collapse rose to 26.

Kolkata police’s joint commissioner, Debasish Boral said that three mid-level officials of IVRCL, the Hyderabad-based construction firm, had been arrested, and five others had been detained.

Police have registered a case of culpable homicide against the firm. The arrested employees are expected to appear in court on Saturday, where the charges will be outlined against them.

A state legislator, Derek O’Brien, has said the company has been blacklisted in other states and had a bad reputation.

IVRCL has denied responsibility with a company representative describing the disaster as an act of god.

The government in West Bengal has ordered an investigation into the state agency responsible for infrastructure and construction, and how the project came to be approved.


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