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June 14, 2021

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Use of technology in compliance and measuring performance

The pursuit of continuous improvement and compliance management is picking up some pace now that the economy is getting back on track and employers are focusing on getting operations up and running as normal. Being able to measure risk management performance across all areas of an organisation can be challenging if it does not form part of the planning cycle of a management system.

Organisation’s generally tick the box in collecting and measuring ‘lagging indicators’ and have an incident and accident process in place. This can be paper based, a spreadsheet or a software solution. Reporting and communicating performance using the data can be time consuming or a barrier if it’s not automated through some form of software and if what is reported is not meaningful to those who can influence change, then it may have limited benefits to measuring performance. What we all know too is that its only measuring what has happened and what is happening might be under reported which presents a risk.

On the flipside there are plenty of ‘leading indicators’ that can be captured and again there are various ways of reporting and communicating the findings from the data. Software as a service (SaaS) is increasingly being adopted across the health and safety practitioner fraternity and those that are responsible for compliance and assurance programmes. The aim of course is to enable senior managers, managers and stakeholders to better understand risk and compliance and provide assurance.

The recent SHP Webinar: Use of technology in compliance and measuring performance conducted a poll of the 700 plus attendees posing the question, Do you believe that having leading indicators helps management better understand fire, health and safety performance? The result was that 93% responded that yes it does help to better understand performance and help managers manage.

The Praxis42 risk management platform SHINE and technology led consulting services, provide customisable leading indicators that can power an organisations compliance performance agenda. Key features include:

  • Actions from assessments and audits that are allocated to resolvers that can be tracked online and measured.
  • Onsite or premises inspection checklists indicating completion, noncompletion and compliance measurement.
  • Measure and report on competency matrix, IOSH approved content, record management and automated refresher training.
  • Measured competency assurance using client specific policies, procedures and guidance.
  • Accident and incident reporting and measurement and notification.
  • Workstation assessment findings and resolution management, and reporting to aid defensibility.
  • Integration via API to other SaaS or Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) platforms and business information systems to provide real-time reporting.
  • Dedicated helpdesk to deal with RAMS, first line expert guidance and management information collation.

Click here to find out more about SHINE – the Risk Management platform from Praxis42

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