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February 15, 2022

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‘The only workplace ergonomic wearable that your workers will actually wear’

Soter Analytics has released a revolutionary new piece of equipment to address a key problem with wearable technology in the workplace: ensuring that workers actually wear their device each and every day.

Over the last four years, Soter has been supplying multiple organisations globally, and thousands of workers, with wearable technology solutions for material handling safety. Its technology has grown exponentially, analysing data over 50 times per second across several different data points that are transformed in real-time to useful information. It tracks all significant back and shoulder movements collecting thousands of hazardous and safe movements each day.

The Soter Analytics team is well known for its user-centric and adaptable design features and meticulous customer care; regarding its clients as part of the long-term improvement and innovation for both parties.

Its signature wearable, the Soter device measures movement and gives valuable insight to the wearer via instantaneous feedback, along with an accompanying SoterCoach mobile app, displaying results and daily training.

The data is also collected on an organisational level to provide analytics to management through a central dashboard. For this process to be truly effective, the wearables need to be put on by each worker before a shift. But many companies struggle to keep workers motivated to remember to wear the product daily. No more! Soter Analytics has developed a solution.

Soter SmartFix

Soter SmartFix is an adaptable piece of hardware enabling the Soter wearable devices to be attached to any personal equipment. The solution is completely customisable; allowing Soter Analytics customers to integrate wearables to any existing hardware or personal equipment that workers already use. This eliminates the need for workers to remember to wear yet another piece of equipment.

The Soter SmartFix completely eliminates the most significant weak point of wearable technology in the workplace. The Soter devices have a battery life of 30-days so they can be connected to any equipment without needing to be removed until the desired length of the program is completed. With workers no longer needing to remember to wear their device, companies can take advantage of the maximum benefits of implementing a SoterCoach ergonomic safety program knowing they are generating complete and accurate data analytics and insights.

In addition to Soter SmartFix, companies can now choose to enable ‘gamification’ to add fun, exciting games through the SoterCoach app. Gamification is all about tapping into the emotions that motivate us – technological assistance supporting a humanistic approach.

Research has shown that games encourage engagement and retention. For the past year, Soter Analytics have been working with one of the UK’s leading gamification experts. The project involved understanding the reasoning and psychology behind user perceptions, defining target behaviours and developing player type strategies – all to create long-lasting positive movement behavioural change.

SoterCoach’s game mechanics are specifically designed to increase engagement through points, levels, rewards and stories. With frequent incentives to compete or progress it is now easier than ever to motivate workers to move correctly and safely.

If you would like to learn more about how the Soter SmartFix can be used at your organization, reach out to one of the friendly team members at Soter Analytics.

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