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October 19, 2021

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Safety app provides 24/7 emergency support

If you haven’t yet provided your employees with a personal safety solution to ensure their security and wellbeing, or you’re looking to expand your current solution to include lower risk colleagues, a personal safety mobile app is a great place to start.

SoloProtect Mobile - NewsIt’s a very cost-effective way to protect your employees from risk, is quick to deploy, and extremely easy to use – even in high pressured situations.

Safety app features

The SoloProtect mobile app provides the same safety features as a dedicated lone worker device, all on the user’s mobile phone, including:

  • 24/7 emergency support
    App users can easily call for help if their safety is under threat by activating a “Red Alert”. This connects the phone via a call to SoloProtect’s Monitoring Centre where specially trained operators will listen into the situation, locate the device, verify the seriousness of the situation, and initiate a response. This could be notifying the emergency services and/or a colleague.

This process completely removes the need for the app user to dial 999 which has many benefits including speed of response and greater discretion.

  • Automatic fall detection
    If the user slips, trips or falls, is attacked, or experiences an unexpected health issue, the app would initiate an “Incapacitation Alert” with the Monitoring Centre and operators will quickly send assistance to where it’s needed.
  • Non-emergency support
    Ready2Talk ® is a live call designed for situations where there is clear evidence of a potential for risk and the app user would appreciate the reassurance of having a SoloProtect operator by their side. e.g. climbing a high ladder in bad weather or locking up a retail store alone in a high-risk area.

Operational advantages for managers

In addition to the obvious safety benefits for users, there are many operational advantages for managers:

  • Location monitoring
    If enabled, user location information can give managers much better visibility of mobile teams which can help to facilitate efficient redeployment decisions and work progress monitoring.
  • Risk messaging
    Managers can send out important risk messages to app users, on mass, about things that could affect their safety and/or operations e.g. major traffic accidents, terrorist threats, gas leaks etc.
  • Valuable insights
    All SoloProtect customers get access to “SoloProtect Insights” for easy user onboarding, training, usage reporting, genuine alert information, and so much more.

Cost benefits of investing in a personal safety mobile app

Some organisations are understandably attracted to the mobile app because it’s so cost effective. There are zero lone worker device costs or sim contract fees, and no device shipping costs. And, if you’ve already invested in providing mobile handsets to employees, converting them into personal safety devices means you’re getting much better value from your investment.

Demonstrate your commitment to employee safety

But it’s not just about direct cost benefits, safety, and operations. It’s about perception, too. Implementing a personal safety mobile app is a tangible way to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to looking after the safety of your staff, which can have a knock-on effect on staff retention and recruitment.

Why not show your employees you care about their welfare out of work too? You could invite your colleagues to use the mobile app 24/7 – depending on your policy. What better way to prove your dedication to staff wellbeing?

Competition: Win a 3-month FREE trial and an iPad Mini

We’re offering you the chance to win a 3-month FREE trial of SoloProtect Mobile. There will be 3 lucky winners.

One of these 3 winners will also win an iPad Mini.

The mobile app trial applies to a maximum of 20 users within your organisation. It’s, therefore, a fantastic opportunity for 20 colleagues to experience the benefits of a personal safety solution, first-hand.

Click HERE to enter this SoloProtect competition.

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