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Teresa Higgins is Brand Director of Barbour EHS, a health & safety information service with content from more than 800 providers, covering Health and Safety, Environment, Estate and Facilities Management and International legislation. Teresa has worked at Barbour for over 25 years in total and has been in her current position since 2014. She has always worked in the specialist information sector having also held positions at CCH UK working with tax and accounting specialists and IHS working with Architects, engineers and H&S professionals. As Brand Director, Teresa works with professionals in the industry to make sure Barbour continues to be the market-leading information service.
July 16, 2019

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Barbour EHS

Barbour: Helping organisation’s save time, reduce costs and stay safe and compliant for over 60 years

“At Barbour we don’t believe you need to spend your time wading through multiple websites to find the legislation that affects you and your organisation. Neither should you spend hours pulling together and updating information to ensure your company remains compliant.”

“Barbour is a total solution, delivering the information you need directly to you. We offer a service that contains information, advice and guidance on a comprehensive range of topics including, health, safety, environment, fire, security, international legislation, facilities, mental health and wellbeing.

“We give professionals everything they need to remain compliant, improve their decision making, understand complex information areas, reduce risk and manage projects. It’s an invaluable aid for reducing your risk of litigation.

“Barbour provides this up-to-date information from over 800 trusted sources, and also keeps you updated to any amendments to documents you have bookmarked through email alerts.

“And if you’re not sure which documents you should save or how up-to-date your current documents are, we provide pre-populated legal registers that you can save, amend, add notes to and export saving hours of time preparing for audits.”

Legislation and consultation

“In addition, our daily legislation and consultation updates give you advanced warning of what’s coming, while our weekly newsletters perfectly summarise changes and updates across all areas, meaning you’ll feel reassured that you and your business are ahead of any changes.

“Not only do we support you and your company on legal requirements, we will also provide help and guidance that cuts through the legal jargon. Why spend hours trying to get the right level of information to the right person when we have all you need at your fingertips?”

  • Technical ‘how to’ guides make you an instant expert on key topics
  • Model policy templates help you save time creating and updating your own
  • Director’s briefings and employee factsheets provide concise information to help you to get the right message to the right people, helping you change workplace behaviour and culture.
  • Toolbox talks give you editable PowerPoint presentations with a Q&A and handout

“We are saving thousands of professional’s time and money by delivering the information they really require keeping the company safe and compliant.”

Access health and safety technical education

Stay aware of the latest developments, key legislation and most important regulations in health and safety with free, exclusive Barbour guides. Barbour works alongside SHP and Safety & Health Expo to provide specialist guides and education to health and safety professionals; the most up-to-date guidance in the industry is available here.

Visit the Barbour website to learn more about the technical guides and eBooks available from Barbour.

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